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Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) Frequently Asked Questions

We published a blog post giving an overview of Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS). There is a chance that SIJS could be a great option for you or your child under the age of 21 who has become undocumented through means outside of their control. To help you gain a deeper understanding of SIJS and whether you may qualify, here are five frequently asked questions about SIJS.

What is Special Immigrant Juvenile Status?

SIJS is a form of immigration relief that is designed to offer a reasonable path to citizenship for undocumented minors who have been neglected, abused, or abandoned by at least one parent.

Who Qualifies for SIJS?

In order to qualify for SIJS, one must meet the following criteria:

  • Under the age of 21
  • Present in the United States through the time of application until the case is ultimately settled
  • Unmarried through the time of application until the case is ultimately settled

How Can I Apply for SIJS?

Do you meet each of the criteria above? If so, you are eligible to apply for SIJS. Before you can do so, you must first receive a predicate order from a Maryland court to establish the specifics of your living situation. The objective here is to establish that you cannot be reunified with at least one parent, and that your living situation in the United States offers you a better path forward in life.

After the predicate order is obtained, it is time to file for SIJS relief using the SIJS self-petition on Form I-360 with USCIS. Afterward, the application will be reviewed by a USCIS officer, and the applicant will be given a date in which they can apply for permanent residency upon approval.

Can My SIJS Application Be Denied?

Yes. Therefore, we recommend hiring an attorney experienced in SIJS applications. Not only can we assist in obtaining the predicate order, but we can also work to ensure your submission contains thorough evidence and is completely error free, reducing the chances of rejection or a request for further evidence.

How Long Does SIJS Application Review Take?

According to the USCIS website, SIJS applications are usually processed within 180 days (about six months) from your official filing date. If there is data missing from your application, the clock will be halted until your response is submitted.

Are You Stuck in the Middle of the Immigration Process? We Can Help.

If you or a loved one is applying for SIJS relief, you deserve a skilled attorney who will work tirelessly to help secure the future you and your child deserve. Consult with an experienced attorney like those of the Law Office of Elizabeth A. Lawrence today by clicking here or calling (410) 986-0088. Skype, Zoom and Facetime consultations are available as well.

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Making a wise choice of free credit when it comes to casinos

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Who is providing the best Mobile Stage Solution?

Are you frequently asked to stage outdoor events at the last minute? Are you unable to meet your staging commitments without more staff? Is Mobile Stage Solution becoming more popular?

You may have difficulty meeting your event staging commitments with traditional outdoor staging because it is time and labor-intensive. Furthermore, you often have a tight timeline between the time you gain access to the site and the event’s start.

Mobile Stage Solution

Is your organization responsible for hosting outdoor events with the expectation of quickly transforming an open site into an attractive, operational space? If the event is over, the site should be returned to its original use as soon as possible.

 A hydraulically operated stage that offers a push-button setup simplifies and expedites stage setup with’s Mobile Stage solutions. The stage models, features, and sizes are customizable, so you can choose the best for your event. In addition, stages can be customized to meet individual needs with optional features.

Mobile Concert Stages

Outdoor concerts require larger stage decks with full canopy coverage, which are offered by mobile stages.

Elevated Stages

Setting up mobile platform stages for elevated outdoor performances is easy and fast. Durable galvanized steel frames and aluminum stage decks give these stages rugged all-weather durability.

Community Stages

All-around performers, community stages are versatile. Whether a simple dedication or a concert, mobile stages can accommodate a variety of events.

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Why Are Interactive LCD Display So Popular?

Reproduction of colors is excellent

In addition to producing over 16 million different colors, Interactive LCD Display typically feature an 8-bit RGB color depth, making them ideal for applications that require detailed colour compositions.

A wide field of view

The great colour reproduction and composition capabilities of Interactive LCD Display are also complement by their incredibly wide viewing angles.

Interactive LCD Display

In addition to this, IPS screens have a number of other advantages over TN panels.

A TN screen can only be view from a single angle, while an IPS screen can be view from virtually any angle without compromising image quality.

Visibility of the sun

Additionally, IPS LCD displays provide far better visibility and readability in sunlight than other displays.

With IPS displays, you can still see and read clearly, even in extremely bright or harsh lighting conditions.

In addition to high-quality backlighting, the screen also has superior color reproduction and viewing angle capabilities compared to the other screens mentioned above.

When exposed to direct sunlight and strong lighting conditions,

TN panels will have limited color depth and therefore have poor visibility.

Lifespan lengthening

Displays with IPS panels have a longer lifespan than those with TN panels; however, the former’s components are easier and more affordable to reproduce.

Depending on the application and the circumstances, they are the best option. The response time of TN displays is typically faster than that of IPS, and VA displays combined, so they are the ideal choice for gamers.

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Everything You Need to Know about Sbobet Malaysia

Everything You Need to Know about Sbobet Malaysia is a foreign bookmaker established in 2014 by Celt on Manx Ltd. it holds licenses issued by the government of Philippines and the Isle of Man. Besides providing several betting options, Sbobet also has its focus on Asian handicap betting. This bookmaker holds great repute among the players for taking on huge stakes in sports and games. Perhaps, majority of the European bookmakers depend on the strategies and odds of Sbobet when promoting their products. The bookmaker is widely regard as one of the topmost sports betting sites that cater to the requirements of the handicap market across Asia. The site offers some of the most distinct services with its clients getting easy access to a large number of exclusive betting options.

It will be difficult for you to find better odds on the other websites as compared to the odds available in the Asian handicap section of the Sbobet site. Besides serving as an online bookmaker, Sbobet also offers some of the best live games. Everything You Need to Know about Sbobet Malaysia, Players on the Sbobet site can enjoy both traditional and modern games. Therefore, regardless of what your preferences are, you can remain assured of find some of your favourite games on Sbobet Malaysia. Sbobet possesses licenses for several countries across Asia and Europe, making it accessible anywhere from Malaysia to France.

Why Smart Cities Need Lcd Outdoor Marketing Display?

The digital revolution affects urban populations in numerous ways, including improving social capital, well-being, and quality of life through smart cities with LCDs. A smart city’s citizens, institutions, and businesses can benefit from networking technology.

Smart cities need Customization Factory Lcd Outdoor Marketing Display:

It has been proven that Customization Factory Lcd Outdoor Marketing Display provide higher quality services and keep people safe and informed in urban areas.

1. Guidance function

Smart cities benefit from outdoor LCD displays, which enhance efficiency and make the area more user-friendly. The digital signage industry is rapidly modernizing the infrastructure of cities. Displaying outdoor LCD video walls is a convenient way to provide information through an easy-to-control signage solution, which allows you to easily control the content.

2. Public safety function

In addition to providing safety and emergency information, outdoor digital signage displays can be a valuable source of digital information. If needed, modern outdoor advertising screens can serve as safety beacons during emergency situations when not in use for commercial purposes.

Customization Factory Lcd Outdoor Marketing Display

3. Reminder function

Information from outdoor LCD displays can be shared in real-time about environmental monitoring, air quality detection, weather forecasts, traffic conditions, transport schedules, and any other information necessary for a quicker, safer, and more sustainable everyday life.

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What You Should Know Before Dolpo Trekking

A remarkable and daring journey that takes you to the most remote regions of western Nepal is the Upper Dolpo trek. One of the best off-the-beaten-path hiking trails in Nepal is this one. The Lower and Upper Dolpo regions’ rich natural and cultural resources are both accessible with this Upper Dolpo trekking program.

Dolpo Trekking

You can visit the serene, lovely, and enigmatic Upper Dolpo region of Nepal on this exhilarating remote trek. The Upper Dolpo walk also takes you to Shey Gomba monastery, one of Nepal’s most well-known monasteries, and around the stunning Phoksundo Lake.

The parched trans-Himalayan scenery and the daily struggles of the villagers leave the trekkers in awe of Dolpo, despite the fact that it is one of the longer and more difficult treks with multiple camps over 4000 meters and several high passes. Given that Tibetan Buddhism and the shamanistic Bon religion predominate in the region, it is also a spiritual excursion.

Beginning with a picturesque journey from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Juphal, the challenging Dolpo trek begins. One of the most isolated trekking locations in Nepal, Upper Dolpo, needs special camping arrangements with support crews. With a fantastic tour itinerary, the Upper Dolpo trek combines landscapes, unspoiled traditional Buddhist culture, traditional local living, and historic Buddhist temples.

What You Should Know Before Trekking

The optimum seasons to travel to Upper Dolpo, like many other Dolpo trekking route in Nepal, are spring and autumn.

Having said that, early spring and late autumn may not be the best times to hike because of erratic snowfall. Due to this, it could be extremely challenging to cross the high passes at this time of year.

Even when other regions of the country are experiencing monsoon weather conditions, Dolpo receives little to no rain because the majority of the region is under the Dhaulagiri Range’s rain shadow. This area is a high-altitude desert mostly because of this.

Beginning in early August and lasting through the end of October, and frequently even into the middle of November, are the optimal temperatures.

Highlights of the Upper Dolpo Trek through remote areas of Nepal

In the world, there is still the purest form of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon exists in Upper Dolpo. Ancient Buddhist texts and age-old Buddhist manuscripts are still in a preserved form which can be found in the Monasteries of Upper Dolpo. Upper Dolpo Trek offers a completely authentic Tibetan Buddhism and Bon culture. In Shey Phoksundo National Park, one of the parks with the largest animal concentration in the world, search for snow leopards.Enjoy Lake Phoksundo’s crystal-clear waters. At the foot of Crystal Mountain, explore the 800-year-old monastery known as Shey Gompa. Mani walls are piles of stone walls fenced and placed with stones carved with Tibetan letters and mantras.
Chortens are the stupas of dry stone painted with colorful mud, important Buddhist monuments which are mostly connected with Mani walls.
Kanies are another Buddhist structure, it is a modified version of Chortens which has an entry and exit, point. Inside the Kanies there are well-decorated Buddhist paintings of Gods, Buddhas, Kalachakras, Buddhist disciples, and so on.

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