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Things To Consider When Buying Your Next Hookah

In the company of friends and other enthusiasts, hookah bars are a popular place to enjoy your favorite shisha products and Hookah Products in Canada. Hookah establishments in Canada have temporarily closed their doors due to the widespread closures brought on by the continuing corona virus pandemic.

Investing in our own hookah equipment is the best way to guarantee that we can continue to enjoy our favorite inhalable indulgence. Looking to purchase a new Hookah Water Pipe? Before purchasing your own hookah pipe, there are a few crucial factors to take into account.

Hookah Products in Canada

Modern or Traditional?

Traditional hookahs vary by region, and the region in which they are made may influence their appearance and other features. Traditional hookahs, no matter where they are built, typically contain a single central tube that extends the whole length of the hookah stem. Modern hookahs typically include a separate tube for each, as opposed to traditional ones that typically merge the hose and purge valve line into a single tube. In comparison to traditional models, modern hookahs frequently feature smaller gauges, and some even have built-in check valve systems. Individual preferences may vary, but classic hookahs’ broader gauges typically make it simpler to draw than those made nowadays.

Amount of Hoses

When the days of social isolation are over, multi-hose hookahs could be interesting, especially if you want to use your hookah during gatherings or with groups of friends. Multiple hose hookahs, however, can affect the effectiveness and quality of your hits. Single-hose versions are slightly more popular among seasoned hookah users because multi-hose models are more difficult to clean.

Do Dimensions Matter?

The performance of Hookah Water Pipe is somewhat influenced by their height. Larger stems and vases on hookahs produce more smoke when inhaled. Although smoking from larger hookahs is typically simpler, many small hookahs also smoke remarkably well.

How is it made?

Some hookah enthusiasts will say that solid brass pipes are best, and with good cause. The strongest option is a brass hookah, which is made to endure a lifetime. Hookahs made of brass will oxidize over time but never corrode. The main disadvantage of brass hookahs is the ongoing polishing required to keep them looking glossy.

Some users advise using hookahs made of stainless steel or hookahs that combine stainless steel with brass or copper. However, before choosing a stainless-steel hookah, it’s important to check the grade of the steel utilized in those hookahs. Because of its susceptibility to rust and corrosion, stainless steel hookahs aren’t likely to survive as long.

How Much Can You Spend?

Prices for hookahs range from $50 to several hundred dollars or more. In almost every industry, the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. A model with thicker glass and the precise size and number of hoses to suit your preferences is usually worthwhile because high-quality Hookah Water Pipe like the ones we sell at our smoking shop are made to last. As we’ve already mentioned, hookahs come in a wide range of alternatives, including variations in height, hose number, design, and more. The process of choosing the ideal hookah for your home may seem difficult, but our knowledgeable sales team is always on hand to guide you through it and assist you in locating the type that is most suitable for your requirements.

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What to know about Hookah bowls and their types?

thanks to the enormous hookah accessory market, hookah users have access to a huge range of bases, hoses, heat managers, and even Werkbund Hookah Bowl. The sheer number of bowls on the market can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to hookah smoking or have your home setup. However, by understanding the various hookah bowl types and their materials, you can find the best hookah bowl for dense clouds and mellow flavour

A hookah bowl: What is it?

When smoking, the shisha flavour or hookah tobacco is physically held in a bowl, or “dish,” that often rests at the very top of a hookah (though this can vary). The Werkbund Hookah Bowl is filled with flavouring tobacco, which is then covered with either aluminium foil or a heat-controlling device (but more later).

Hookah charcoal is placed immediately on top of the bowl after the foil has been sealed around it and air holes have been pierced. With each inhalation, the hookah’s thick, fragrant smoke is drawn through the device as these coals heat the tobacco in the bowl and produce it.

More than nine different kinds of shisha bowls exist. Each bowl type is briefly described below with links to more details (pros and cons, bowl costs, where to buy, how to pack, hookah bowl review, etc.).

Werkbund Hookah Bowl

Shisha bowl from Egypt

Clay or porcelain bowls with 4-6 holes at the bottom are used for Egyptian shisha. These shisha bowls are the most popular ones. Some nations, such as the UAE, have a sizable hole in traditional Egyptian bowls (10-15 mm). You can purchase Provost HMD to get a rich experience.

Bowl of Vortex

A spike is located in the centre of a vortex bowl, and there are 4-5 holes on either side of the spike. This design aims to prevent tobacco juices from running down the stem and into the hookah vase.

Bowling Phunnel

The bottom of a funnel bowl is devoid of holes. Instead, the middle of the bowl has a spike with an open hole. Because of this design, no tobacco fluids will drip into the hookah vase or down the stem. To heat the tobacco in a funnel bowl, you need more charcoal.

Aluminum Bowls

A small number of stainless steel and aluminium shisha bowls are available. Metal bowls may last a lifetime and are incredibly durable. It comes with a screed and a rubber holder that keeps the heat intact while enabling you to pick up the bowl with your hands.

Buy Shisha Canada offers a unique smoking experience. The Space Smoke hookah pastes are developed to their full potential because of their incredible heat resistance and quick heat absorption.

  • Handmade in Russia – exceptional craftsmanship and a unique design! The Werkbund Phunnel heads are customarily manufactured by hand in Russia and finished with a glaze that resists fire. Each Werkbund hookah funnel head is distinctive.
  • High-Quality Material: The Werkbund Phunnel head is made of premium clay. This composition provides an outstanding balance of heat dispersion and heat retention. The bowl always offers the best smoking experience, whether with tobacco, paste, or steam stones.
  • Easy to Clean – Tobacco residue is readily removed due to the fine coating (glaze) and high-quality standards used during processing. No molasses or tobacco residues enter the bowl, thanks to the Phunnel head’s construction and shape.
  • The best possible smoking experience is provided by the Phunnel head, which is, of course, especially noticeable when smoking. Compared to what you may be used to, you can smoke for longer with less tobacco.

The Final Talk

Dollar signs on a yellow background appear on three successively taller wooden block buildings.

Due to the massive variety of hookah bowl styles available today, prices vary widely. The type of material used, the production process, the overall degree of quality, and other factors all affect how much a hookah bowl will ultimately cost. Some hookah bowls, like the traditional brown Egyptian hookah bowl, may be purchased for as low as USD 1.99, while other high-end, small-batch hookah bowls can cost as much as USD 100!

Depending on the brand, size, material, and other factors, you can typically expect to pay between $15 and USD 30 for a hookah bowl.

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