One of the most secluded and uncharted trekking routes in western Nepal’s northern border is the Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek. Upper Dolpo, sometimes called Inner Dolpo, is the region with the highest natural preservation, resembling the Tibetan plateau in appearance. The least modernized and most culturally diverse region of Dolpo trekking in Nepal.

Dolpo trekking in Nepal

Considering that Upper Dolpo is Trans-Himalayan, it has less rainfall. It is surrounding by the Kanjiroba and Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges. Which obstruct the wind that brings rain and create an arid climate for the majority of the year.

The Dolpo region is pristinely beautiful. The main draws of the walk are the stunning waterfalls, lakes, and mind-blowing tales of distant communities with distinctive and unique cultural traditions. Due to its rural foundation, restrictions on land use to protect cultural relics, and secluded way of life in an exceedingly remote hamlet. Dolpo has maintained its pristine state even today.

Upper Dolpo Circuit Journey is a camping-based trek that needs careful planning and support from experienced guides to complete. Even though Dolpo’s lower regions have experienced some road construction. The region still boasts a remarkable degree of isolation and provides explorers with a great deal of joy.

The Dolpo trekking in Nepal is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. They offers a wide variety of natural scenery and landscapes that are significantly different from the other trekking regions in Nepal.

The Dolpo region has a lot to offer travelers who are traversing some of the Great Himalayan Trail’s higher elevations. The Upper Dolpo walk is a magnificent mist in paradise because of the isolated hospitality, mountains, and trans-Himalayan geology. As well as a great variety of flora and fauna.

Click here for the Dolpo Trekking Package There are several Dolpo trekking package that runs from a week to five week-long treks in the Dolpo region. Based on your time and budget it can be further modified to the requirement and need. We are a local agency and we emphasize locals are involve in every Dolpo trekking package. Hence, your trip is kind of getting adventure experience on the one hand and on other hand supporting the local economies. Furthermore, it includes many more to experience. Dolpo’s culture and geography are quite similar to that of its northern neighbor because it borders Tibet. Upper Dolpo residents are of the Dolpopa ethnic group. Tibetan Buddhism and Bönpo, a pre-Buddhist shamanism, are widely accepted. Numerous old, historic Bon and Buddhist monasteries exist, notably the significant Shey Gompa. Dolpo trekking packages will last a lifetime thanks to the arid terrain, kind people, revered mountains, and high passes of Upper Dolpa. Along with neighborhood residents, our Dolpo guide and team take us to see Upper Dolpo’s breathtaking scenery. A charming hamlet, the emerald Phoksundo Lake, and Buddhist and Bon monasteries.

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