A display that is sunlight readable means that it can be viewed in high ambient light conditions, such as direct sunlight, in order to display the content. The brightness of the sun is much greater than that of standard displays, so it is difficult to see them in direct sunlight since the intensity of sunlight is much greater than the intensity of the display.

As a result of reflections on the Sunlight Readable Wall Mounted LCD Monitors, images on the screen become washed out. A sunlight-readable display is often necessary for outdoor applications, vehicle computers, and kiosks in public places that are exposed to the sun.

Sunlight Readable Wall Mounted LCD Monitors

In order for a display to be readable in the sun, what factors need to be considered?

As far as making an LCD brighter in sunlight and therefore readable in the sunlight is concerned, there are two general methods. There is a unit of measurement called Nits that is used for LCD brightness.

  1. In a typical LCD panel, the screen brightness ranges from 250 Nits to 450 Nits, depending on the model.
  2. The brightness of a Floor-Standing Outdoor LCD Display display should be at least 800 Nits to be considered sunlight readable, but most sunlight readable displays are at least 1,000 Nits in brightness.
  3. To make an LCD panel sunlight readable, the most common way to do this is by increasing the brightness of the LCD panel backlight.
  4. This type of high-brightness LCD display is available in most industrial panel PCs and touchscreen monitors for use in industrial applications.

Are there any displays that can be dimmed when they are in direct sunlight at night?

In the dark, when there is relatively little or no ambient light, the brightness of a sunlight-readable display may seem overwhelming at night. An auto-dimming feature is available with most industrial computers that have sunlight-readable LCDs, allowing them to be used outdoors.

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