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Protect Your Car in Style: Creative Exterior Decorations and Front car Bumper Protection

Your car is not just a mode of transportation but also an extension of your personality. So while you care for its engine and internal parts, it is equally essential to protect its exterior and add some creative flair. Here are some recommendations on how to save your car in style:

Invest in front bumper protection:

Your car’s front bumper is one of the most vulnerable parts. Protect it with a sturdy and stylish front bumper guard that complements your car’s design. In addition, a Car decorations exterior guard protects your car from scratches and dings and gives it a more aggressive and sporty look.

Front car bumper protection

Get creative with car decals and stickers:

Car decals and stickers are a great way to personalize your car and make it stand out. From tribal designs to anime characters, there are endless options available.

Upgrade your wheels:

Your car’s wheels affect not only its performance but also its appearance. Consider upgrading your wheels with alloys or chrome rims that complement your car’s color and design.


Q: Can I install front bumper protection on my own?

A: It is recommended that a professional install a Front car bumper protection to ensure that it is properly installed and does not damage your car.

Q: Can car decals damage my car’s paint?

A: Car decals can damage your car’s paint if not properly installed or removed. Make sure to clean and dry the surface before applying a decal, and use a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive when removing it.

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How much does it cost to charge your electric car at Home?

The cost to charge an electric car at Home in India can vary depending on factors such as the capacity of the car’s battery, electricity rates, and location. On average, it costs around INR 4-6 per kWh. Dedicated 15A or 16A charging points are recommended for Home charging.

Benefits of charging your car at Home


One of the most significant benefits of charging your car at Home is convenience. You can plug your car in when you get home, and it will be fully charged when you’re ready to go again. This eliminates the need to make a special trip to a charging station, which can save you time and hassle.

Cost savings

Charging your car at Home can be much cheaper than public charging stations, especially if you use off-peak electricity rates. In addition, you can avoid the per-session fees that some charging stations charge.

Better for the environment

Charging your car at Home using clean, renewable energy sources such as solar power can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment. This is especially important as the world looks to transition to more sustainable forms of transportation.

Better battery health

Charging your car at Home can also help prolong the life of your car’s battery. This is because you can more easily maintain a consistent charging routine, which can help prevent overcharging or undercharging that can damage the battery over time.

FAQ Section

Q. What is the portable electric vehicle charger?

A portable electric vehicle charger is a compact device that allows you to charge your EV on the go using a standard wall outlet or another power source.

Q. How long does it take to charge an electric car at Home fully?

The charging time can vary depending on the battery capacity of the car and the charging level used, ranging from a few hours to overnight.


The cost to charge an electric car at Home can vary depending on various factors. By using a dedicated charging station and taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates, you can save money while also enjoying the convenience of home charging. And a portable electric vehicle charger provides convenient charging on the go.

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